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May 2013 Message From the Chair

Category: Newsletter
Published Date Written by Prashanth Vankayalpati

Greetings to ASQ London Section members!

 Chair - Prashanth Vankayalpati“There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it."
--Charles Edward Montague, British journalist

Thank You for Your Commitment, Member Leaders

National Volunteer Week is observed from April 21st to 27th in the United States. It reminded that it is a great time to thank all the member leaders, speakers and sponsors who have helped our section stay active and allow us to gain value & grow our professional network.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers for their dedication and service. I wish the best for you in all your endeavors and hope that you will continue to set the wonderful example of giving back to the community.
Here is a message from ASQ Chair John Timmerman, ASQ CEO Paul Borawski:

“A year has passed since we last celebrated National Volunteer Week, but the importance of what you do, as member leaders, has only grown since then, and we truly appreciate everything you do. As ASQ continues its growth in the global community, and we expand as The Global Voice of Quality™, your tireless efforts become more and more important. We understand that you are contributing your time and talent to further the cause and purpose of ASQ, and because of that, we increase our reach to quality the quality community around the world.
In the United States, National Volunteer Week is observed April 21-27, and it the perfect time to acknowledge and celebrate the service of our member leaders. Going back to the 17 sections that originally formed ASQ in 1946, our organization has always been shaped by the influence and tireless efforts of our member leaders. From our board of directors, to the Section Affairs Council and Technical Communities Council, our sections, division, forums, and boards, to all of our member leaders, there’s no great way to quantify your efforts besides saying that we wouldn’t be here today without you.
On behalf of ourselves, ASQ and our global community, thank you for contributing your time, knowledge and expertise to raising the Global Voice of Quality™. The impact of quality around the world will continue to grow because of your commitment and effort.

Come join us for a meeting on Alternative Energy by guest Speaker Jamie Skimming, Air Quality Manager, City of London on May 9th  at Springbank Gardens Community center.

Warm Regards,
Prashanth Vanakayalpati
Chair, ASQ London 403 Section


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