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June 2013 Message from the Chair

Category: Newsletter
Published Date Written by Prashanth Vankayalpati

Greetings to ASQ London Section members!

 “That which is always within our reach is always the last thing we take; and the chances are, that what we can do every day, we never do at all." --L.E. Landon,British writer and poet

Our May meeting on ‘Role of Renewable Energy’ was a lively meeting which was presented by James A. Skimming, Air Quality Manager for City of London. He was able to bring his industry experience and knowledge of the city’s performance and share with us what impact we as Londoners are having on climate change.

We were able to gain insight on how we as residents of City of London have an impact on our immediate environment and our performance with reference to globally protocols like Kyoto.
Sustainable living not only helps our immediate environment and our own health but also the future generations and the well being of our planet. Each one of us has the responsibility to take steps towards reducing waste and evaluating steps that can help us achieve sustainability in our activities.
Jamie’s presentation in fact showed that the residents of London have been doing their bit aided by economic, societal and industrial changes to reduce our energy use since 2004, as you can notice in the chart. It is projected to reduce further will all the improvements in the automobiles and appliances that technology is helping us achieve. There was lots of information specific to London in this presentation, which Jamie was kind enough to share with us. It is available on our website and I encourage you to review and learn from it.
 We as Quality Professionals have played our own part in this journey and there is more to be done as it is all about continuous improvement, both in our professional and personal lives to make this a better world. The new ISO 50001:2011 standard on Energy Management aims to help organizations towards reducing their energy use, which in turn will help reduce their energy costs and GHG emissions. There are many resources which can be tapped to help in the journey towards sustainability. Here are some:

Mayor’s Sustainable Energy Council website
Celebrating Progress links: Our 3 Minute YouTube video preview
Our online magazine  Celebrating Progress – Sustainable Energy London
London Carpools website

We have our annual Banquet meeting on June 13th along with the awards ceremony for Quality Awards for Excellence. Come join our members for a gala event. Kindly register to help the planning team.

Prashanth Vankayalpati
Chair, ASQ London 403 Section

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