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Sept 2012 Message from the Chair - Prashanth Vankayalpati

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Prashanth VankayalpatiGreetings and Salutations to ASQ London Section members!

September brings along the start of the beautiful fall season and along with it our next cycle of networking events and a new executive team. I am glad to inform you that we have a good team of volunteers who have come together this term to welcome you and organize our section meetings. Our key initiatives this year are to provide value to our members through focus on education, improved connectivity and good networking and mentoring opportunities through our monthly events.


I would like to first of all thank the executive team from last year who volunteered their valuable time and resources for our section.


Meeting events this year have been planned to be lively and interesting while being informative. We will be starting off with our upcoming meeting on September 13th which will be about how you can be successful in your career and life. We have planned to conduct two plant tours this year, a social + charity event for December which will be jointly organized with PMI SWOC and many more.

We have a new meeting location in London City, located at Springbank Gardens Community center by Wonderland road. It is easily accessible to all our members and is located by the scenic Thames River. I encourage all of you to come attend as many monthly events as possible. Mark your calendar - 2nd Thursday of every month, as always from now until June-2013.

Education: We are planning to conduct refresher courses for ASQ certification and welcome those who are planning to get certified to inform us about your interest in these classes. Also, talk to our knowledgeable members who are always willing to share their knowledge and insights.

I am glad to announce that ASQ London is in the process of partnering with Project Management Institute (PMI – SWOC) to bring added value to you. Once the partnership is formalized it will enable you to expand your network and your knowledge by attending their events at their member’s rates! A formal announcement will be made shortly after the agreement is signed and approved by ASQ Headquarters.

I feel honored to have been elected the Chair of our ASQ London Section for 2012-13. I look forward to welcoming you all at our monthly events, getting to network with you and grow personally and professionally.

Come join us and realize the value.

Peace and best wishes,


Prashanth Vankayalpati
Chair, ASQ London 403 Section
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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