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Sept. 2014 Meeting Summary

Category: Newsletter
Published Date Written by K Harasyn

ISO 9001:2015 Workshop

Don_WhitredOn Thursday Sept. 11th, 2014, ASQ London held a workshop to discuss the upcoming changes to the ISO 9001 standard, due to release in 2015.  ASQ London Quality Award for Excellence Chair, Don Whitred facilitated the meeting, first providing the timeline for draft review and release of the new standard and a history of previous changes.


Key Highlights

  • ISO standards are based on consensus.  Committee experts come from all areas of business, government and academia in over 160 countries.
  • Time-line for publication of the new standard is September 2015.  Companies have up to three years after publication to comply to the requirements of the published standard.
  • New standard attempts to adapt to changes in business culture:
  • greater customer focus
  • risk-based thinking
  • aligning QMS policy and objectives with the strategy of the organization
  • allow greater flexibility with documentation
  • Normative references, that is references to other ISO standards, are eliminated.  All required references are now self-contained in the standard.

Interestingly, although the ISO 9001 draft committee is incorporating many of the requirements of other ISO standards, such as the risk-based thinking of ISO 13485 (medical devices), the committee for ISO/TS 16949 (automotive) is not in agreement with the changes and is not planning to adopt them.

Meeting Format


After reviewing the reasons for the changes and time-line for implementation, Don divided the attendees into 7 groups; each group was assigned a section of the new standard to tackle:

4 Klaus_presentation- Context of the organization (formerly Scope)
5 - Leadership (formerly Management commitment)
6 - Planning for the Quality Management System
7 - Support (formerly Resource management)
8 - Operation (formerly Product realization)
9 - Performance evaluation (New)
10 - Improvement


The new sections were broken-down clause by clause and compared to current 2008 standard; changes were highlighted, and presented to the group. 


At the end of the evening, we thanked Don for putting together an informative and interactive meeting.  Don will take some time to compile the group notes and suggestions and make any recommendations to the ISO committee during the draft review period.  A posting of the summary is available for review.

Note: a correlation matrix showing the relationship between ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 is also available on our website by following this link.

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